Women At Woodstock 2016


We gather at the Lifebridge Sanctuary in Woodstock, New York, filled with sunlight, circled by trees and open sky, and all to ourselves!  (more…)


Practical & interactive workshops, morning yoga, evening discussion salons, private reiki sessions, great food & wine & plenty of time to relax…  (more…)


From our early evening welcome party on Friday to our farewell Sunday night, you’ll find rich information, warmth, inspiration, and new friends. (more…)

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Women At Woodstock 2016 – October 28-30

women in workshops
Our annual national gathering happens in Woodstock, NY, starting on Friday evening, October 28 in  with a welcome party, dinner, introductions/orientation, and an exercise to help you step out of your “real” life and into your “really real” life. (more…)

WAW Writer’s Retreats – October 31-November 6

mature women at laptops

New this year, we’re hosting two back-to-back Writer’s Retreats at Lifebridge Sanctuary in Woodstock, NY. Novice writers, published authors, bloggers, memoirists, fiction writers – all are welcome. The first runs from Monday, October 31 through Thursday, November 3; the second runs from Friday, November 4 through Sunday, November 6.   (more…)

Women’s Salons – sign up for email to find out when & where!

older women at discussion salons
We love to showcase one renowned expert each year, and bring her magic to you for a half-day Women’s Salon where she can delve deeply into the subject at hand and provide plenty of time for questions and discussion. This year we’ll be bringing you renowned financial expert, radio host, and author Adriane Berg, to present “The Menopause Portfolio: Financial Independence for Women In Charge of Their Lives.” (more…)

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I realize looking over my notes all the information that I took away from the event but my biggest take-away came from the life-long friends that I made. I would absolutely attend again next year.
~ Sharon Dellorco

Sharon Dellorco
Sharon Dellorco

I really am so very pleased to have been a part of this. I think women left more enlightened, more empowered and more sure of themselves and their futures. Who could ask for more.

~ Kristine Van Raden

Kristine Van Raden fb profile
Kristine Van Raden

I like when a presenter can just go with the flow if a conversation on topic occurs, as Suzanne Braun Levine did graciously. I also like that most presenters can put themselves into their presentations genuinely, like Linnea Duvall who was able to draw us in. We lived it with her.

~ Laurie Greenawalt

Laurie Greenawalt
Laurie Greenawalt

You’ve done an amazing job producing these events. I will continue to recommend them to women I know. It was my pleasure to attend.

~ Gloria Loring

Gloria Loring
Gloria Loring

I LOVED this retreat. The sharing was intimate and honest and I felt great warmth and friendship from the women who attended. I also loved the honesty and openness of the speakers who, though highly accomplished, shared their vulnerabilities and concerns.

~ Mary Eileen Williams

Mary Eileen Williams
Mary Eileen Williams

It was a phenomenal experience, hearing the stories of triumph, and seeing the many faces of success was so inspiring!

Angela Kaufman

Angela Kaufman fb profile
Angela Kaufman

Lisa Levart said in her workshop, “Let the photographer see you.” I think we all let everyone see us that weekend, and it was amazing.

~ Becky Kruse Gjendem

Becky Kruse Gjendem fb profile
Becky Kruse Gjendem

I met some of the most brilliant and loving women at WAW. We’ve kept in touch, inspired, supported and loved each other ever since.

Jill Dodd

Jill Dodd fb profile
Jill Dodd

Women at Woodstock is more than an event, it’s a treasure. It’s powerful and empowering to be with women who love, want, share, think, do, care, motivate, inspire, hug, cry, write, read, and most importantly BE with and for each other. It’s worth being part of.

~ Janet Krier Riccobono

Janet Krier Riccobono portrait by Lisa Levart
Janet Krier Riccobono

I’m not big on groups. And I’m terrible at small talk. But I LOVED spending a weekend with WAW, which felt honest and warm. I made some wonderful new friends and learned how to step up my social media game and take steps toward getting my pilot greenlighted. And bravely!

Anne Flournoy

Anne Flournoy fb profile
Anne Flournoy

I look at WAW as a group of wise women, women who have left behind the BS of false female competition. Instead we have learned to embrace each other by lifting each other up.

Veronica Stewart James

Veronica Stewart James fb profile
Veronica Stewart James

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